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Would you like us to make one of our items to your specifications? Or maybe we're just out of stock of the item you want? You may reserve a Made to Order/Custom items spot here.

Here's how it works:

Go over to our Custom Order Forms (link below) and place your order. Payment is required at the time you place your order. I'll contact you once I've had a chance to look over your order and let you know the estimated completion date. You can get a decent estimate yourself before placing the order by checking the Wait List below.

Once your order and payment have been received, I'll add you to the Wait List. (Local customers wishing to pay with cash or check must submit payment in advance, as well.)

If you are sending me materials for your custom item, you will not be added to the Wait List until I've received your materials and verified that your fabric or wrap are appropriate and that I can do everything you've asked with what you've sent.

If I am purchasing fabric or materials for you, I'll do that as soon as possible after receiving your payment. I will add you to the Wait List as soon as I receive payment, but if your project comes to the top of the list before your materials arrive, your project will obviously be bumped.

When your project is at the top of the wait list, I'll get started, finish it, and mail it out or notify you that it's available for pickup. I sometimes email to let you know I'm getting started or that I've finished, but I often don't.

If you'd like an item custom made but there doesn't seem to be an order form for it, or you'd like customizations not available on the order forms, please contact us.


A few things to note:

Please make sure to enter a current email address, check your email, and add sarah@ wallypop.net to your address book to ensure you receive our emails.

Please check our returns policy before making a reservation. A copy of this policy is also included on the order form and must be agreed to before placing your final order.

We reserve the right to turn down any custom item request.

The dates in the Queue below, and dates I give up upon confirmation of your request to be added to the Queue, are estimates only. You can generally assume that things are moving along as planned unless I contact you. I will not necessarily contact you if I'm working ahead of plan, but will always contact you if I'm working behind.

I try to do "desk work" like answer emails, confirm receipt of materials, etc. two or three times a week. Sometimes we get sick. Sometimes we leave town (rarely, ha). Sometimes we're busy doing awesome things. Sometimes we have a week that holds more doctor and therapy appointments than any human should have to endure. If you feel like you've been waiting too long to receive a response from me, by all means, re-send your email or FB message - or call - things can and do get overlooked from time to time. But please also understand that I'm just simply not available to Wallypop 24/7.



Are you wanting a wrap conversion mei tai?

Due to regulatory changes, I can no longer make wrap conversion MTs from used wraps with wrap-style straps.

I am still able to:
- Convert customer-owned/used wraps into mei tais with regular ("narrow") straps (made from canvas).
- Convert customer-owned/used wraps into Onbuhimos with canvas straps.
- Convert new (with tags) Girasol regular weight twill weave wraps (that you supply or that you buy from me) into mei tais with wrap straps.

Literally the only way I can make you a mei tai with wrap-style straps is if I make it from a new with tags Girasol twill weave wrap.

You can read more about wrap conversions here.






Current: Most smaller custom items will ship within 10-14 days unless I contact you and say otherwise.