Fabric Available for Made-To-Order Items


  • These are fabrics I own and have in my basement office.

  • I don't own any fabric not pictured.

  • I can SOMETIMES get more of a pictured fabric, but that WILL change the price of your item.

  • This page may not always be 100% current. I try, but I'm human and busy.

  • Color accuracy is difficult on computers. I make no promises about color accuracy.

  • Solids are not pictured because of the above bullet point. I have most colors available or can get them.

  • "Small Amount" means less than a Medium feeding pump bag cover. Great for clips, shorter cord keepers, connector covers, etc.

  • Always give both your first and second choice for every item.


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Fabrics for Adult Size Hospital Gowns


Fabric Selection Guide:
NICU Smock: flannel
Hospital Gown: For children: cotton. Adults can choose from these prints.
Weighted Blanket: flannel or cotton. Email about Minky or other options.
Gtube Pads: any flannel or cotton.
Waterproof Pad: we use flannel for the top layer.
Feeding Pump Bag Cover, Cord Keeper, Connector Cover, IV Bag Cover, Syringe Tote, Syringe Holster: any cotton or bottomweight.
Babywearing Accessories: anything on this page is fine.
Wool, Fleece, or PUL diaper covers: Please email for current inventory.
Fitted Diapers: choose flannel or cotton (Also available: natural-colored Sherpa, Hemp French Terry, and Rayon from Bamboo)
Changing Pads, Wet Bags, LifeSaver Bags: any of the regular cotton. We'll pick a solid color for the inside.
Wipes or Family Wipes: flannel.

Please order using fabric number.


Cotton Fabrics
Good for pretty much anything we make, with few exceptions.

Please order using fabric number.

I do have solids - an ever-changing array of colors and shades. I do not have them pictured. Most solids are easy to get if I don't have them in stock.

** If it says "SMALL AMOUNT" then it's got less than I need for a size medium feeding pump bag cover. It'd be great for connector covers, clips, sometimes cord keepers, other small stuff like that.


These may be used for any type of baby carrier. These fabrics can also be used for most babywearing accessories and feeding tube accessories. These are also very popular for weighted lap pads intended for use in classrooms. *NOT GOOD FOR SCRUB CAPS*
Fabrics are 100% cotton unless otherwise noted.



Flannel is great for fitted diapers, weighted blankets, or any item that needs soft, cute absorbency. It does not wear as well as cotton and is not recommended for the outer layer of wet bags. Not appropriate for baby carriers of any type.

Small amount = less than a yard. May work for small hospital gowns/NICU gowns, lap pads.

Please order using fabric number.