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Fabric Available for Made-To-Order Items

These are fabrics you may choose to use for Made To Order items. Please understand, this page may not always be completely current. Thanks for your understanding. Please note: Color accuracy is extraordinarily difficult on computers and over the internet. I have MY screen calibrated reasonably accurate, and all of the colors below appear to be reasonable representations of the actual colors of the fabrics. But I can make no promises that what you see on your screen is accurate.

Please order using fabric number. This helps to ensure that you get the right fabric! If you order using the DESCRIPTION of the fabric and not the fabric number, I'll do my best to use the requested fabric. But I have multiple fabrics that could fit the same descriptions, so you risk that you receive an item made from the wrong fabric, which will be nonreturnable.

If you are looking for fabric to purchase by the yard, please see our sister site, DiaperFAB. Inquiries about purchasing the fabrics on these pages are welcome, as well, please just contact us. (Please note, fabrics purchased from this page and NOT through DiaperFAB are not returnable.)

Looking for prints to match Tula and other brand baby carriers? Click here.


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Deluxe Fabrics Tula-Matching Fabrics Cottons Flannels Fleece PUL/Other


Fabric Selection Guide:
Mei Tai, Podegi, Onbu: Any bottomweight. (You could also choose: fancy or cotton, and we have several colors and prints of Minky available, as well.)
  Canvas colors for straps are here.
Ring Sling: It is rare for me to have ring sling fabric lying around not already made into a ring sling. If you're interested in a custom RS, please Contact Me about appropriate fabric.
Suck Pads: any flannel or cotton.
Wool Covers: any of our wool.
Fleece Covers: any of these Malden Mills fleece fabrics.
Pocket Diapers: any of the PUL choices or Maden Mills fleeces. I can also make pockets with cotton outers, but please email me first.
Fitted Diapers: choose flannel, cotton, or terrycloth. (Also available: natural-colored Sherpa, Hemp French Terry, and Rayon from Bamboo)
Changing Pads: any of the regular cotton.
Wet Bags, Cycle Pad Bags, or Pail Liners: PUL or any of the regular cotton.
Wipes or Toilet Wipes: flannel.
Breastpads: flannel
CyclePads: flannel
Gtube Pads: any flannel or cotton.
Syringe Holster: any cotton or bottomweight.
Weighted Blanket: Generally, I'd recommend flannel, but if you have different sensory needs, any of the cotton will work great, as well.
Waterproof Pad: we use flannel for the top layer.
Feeding Tube Bag Cover: any cotton.

Please order using fabric number.

You must order with the fabric number, not a visual description of the fabric.

Deluxe Fabrics
All of these fabrics are considered to be "Deluxe." Because they are so shiny, brocades do not scan well. I'm sorry! Brocades are 100% poly.

Cotton Fabrics
Good for pretty much anything we make, with few exceptions.

Please order using fabric number.


Flannel is great for fitted diapers, breast pads, or any item that needs soft, cute absorbency. It does not wear as well as cotton and is not recommended for the outer layer of wet bags. Not appropriate for baby carriers of any type.

Please order using fabric number.

Waterproof fabrics for use in AIOs, pocket diapers, or for covers.
All fabric in this section has been laminated to polyurethane to make it waterproof. Fiber content labels give the fiber content of the fabric that has been laminated.
Please email us about current PUL inventory.


Terrycloth, Sherpa, and other soft absorbent fabrics
Great for diapers or any other soft, fluffy needs. Please note that using these fabrics in fitted diapers costs an additional $2-4 each.

Please order using fabric number.

Microsuede works good as the inner side of an Asian carrier (sooooo soft) or as a very soft inner for diapers.

Please order using fabric number.