PRODUCT REGISTRATION FOR SAFETY ALERT OR RECALL ONLY. We will use the information provided on this page only to contact you if there is a safety alert or recall for this product. We will not sell, rent, or share your personal information. If you register on this Web site you do not need to fill out the card that came with your product.



I am reluctant to hire someone to create a complex form for this legal requirement, necessitating a further increase in product price. I'm pretty small and don't feel the cost would be worth it. I am instead choosing to use my current shopping cart system to collect this information from you. Please note that you are NOT PURCHASING anything. You will NOT be asked for payment information.

Please type the model name (Ring Sling, Mei Tai, etc.), Number, and date of manufacture in the form below and click Submit Form. Complete the registration/checkout process by clicking Go to Payments. This will take you to the form to fill in your name, address, etc. You will NOT be asked for payment information. Clicking Order Now on the final confirmation screen will bring you to a screen that lets you know that your registration was received.

Baby Carrier Product Registration
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You may find yourself wondering why you need to enter this information here when you already entered all of your personal information when you purchased the carrier and your invoice (of which I have retained a copy) contains the relevant product information. Well, I wonder that, too. I actually requested that the CPSC take this into consideration, but they declined to do so.